Friday, April 10, 2009

what is a Paid-to-click job?

Basically, this is a new way of earning money online.
You have to click advertisements in order to earn money.
There are many PTC sites but before you sign up to those sites,
make sure that they are not scam sites. There are really sites
that pay the members. But sad to say, there are many scammers.
Before signing up to any site, sign up first to payment processors like
Your income will be deposited to your payment processor accounts.
Do you know why there are really legitimate sites that pay their members?
Because the competition when it comes to the internet
is so close. So advertisers need to tap many people
in order for them to introduce their products
to the right market. They pay for their advertisements and there's
where PTC site members come in.
They are the ones who bring traffic (or views) to the advertisements.
It's that simple concept why there are many PTC sites now.
They have different offers from money to points to credits.
There are also lottery tickets and contest tickets.
So endulge yourself and start earning now! :)

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