Friday, April 17, 2009

how to earn more money online

Many people (especially the newbies) are asking how many people are earning up to $250 a month by just doing paid-to-click jobs. Successful clickers don't just dwell on clicking ads everyday (on their own as i may say). Many clickers refer people to join the PTC sites and the earning of their referrals can be their clicks too (depending on the percentage of the commission).

So how do you have referrals so that somebody would click for you? It's easy. There are two types of referrals: direct and rented/purchased. Direct ones are those who registered under your name and the rented/purchased are those you bought in the site. The two don't have differences when it comes to earnings. So rented or purchased ones are helpful if you are not good in recruiting people to sign up under your name.

But if you have the skills, why rent? You can increase your site traffic and get referrals there. You can sign up to sites that can increase your site traffic.

Here are two traffic sites that can really increase the traffic in your sites:


EASYHITS4U.COM can also increase your site traffic and at the same time give you earnings by putting advertisements in your site. Adgitize can also give you earnings when you update your blogs. Adgitize offers you complete earning package that can come from advertising to blogging to increasing traffic.

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