Thursday, April 16, 2009

list of scam sites..beware..

Here are the sites that are considered as scammers whether they don't have payment proof (or obsolete proofs), forums for users to interact, administration contact information, etc. Just take a look and avoid these sites in order to save your effort.. - $5/click, no have forum - This SCAM is down again. What a pity!!! (Low script, no forum, not respect the TOS) (the owner is scammer) - This SCAM is been transfered to another owner - Scammy design ($3500 per week)
#7/, net (where is the forum?) - New scam script
#9icebux (Derelict site) (no forum, "Make $250+ per day) - Gone (Scammy design, with Payment Proof. I not have trust on it) (Same owner as who is gone) (no forum) (no forum)

=A= (last payment prof on forum was on 23.10.08, more complaints on forum) - (Not paying and deleted accounts.) (Scammy design, TOS say payout $5, but on script appear $1, The owner have antecedents with hippyptc and wizzardsptc who stop paying) - It`s gone (no have forum) (Low script, no forum) ( Is the big scam - 90%. Vote 32 unique visitors) (scam - 91%. Vote 34 unique visitor) (scammy design) (scammy design) (Scammy design, free script, free domain, no forum) (scammy design) (no have forum, owner is scammer) (gen2 script, no forum) (scammy design, no forum) (Free domain, free script, no forum) (scammy design) (Low script, no forum) - Old scam (scammy design) (no have forum)
#AsianBux (Low script) (Owner is scammer)

=B= (no forum, have just Payment Proof) (No comment) (Low script) (Low script, no forum) (Using Gen2 Script) (no forum, $0,10/click) (No forum, have just Payment Proof) (Low script, no forum) (no forum) (no have forum) (scam 100%) (Low script) (scamming me because in 2 minutes 25 "visitors" click my link but nobody real enter on my site from Bomblogic) (Yes, it`s a big SCAM - 78%) ($10 per e-mail, no forum) (no forum) (No forum) ($2000 for e-mail) (The forum???) (Make you forum functional and contact me) (Scammy design, no forum) (scammy design who promotions just scams sites) (instant payment with $0,15 payout, but have scammy design, TOS: 10Business day, $10 payout), (gen2 script, no forum) (Scammy design) (Scammy design, no forum) (No forum = no paying) - It`s gone (scammy design) (scammy design, no forum) (scammy design) (scammy design) (Scammy design, payout is 2$ but TOS say 10$) (No have forum) (Same script like DingoBux, ChillBux, etc) (Pay me once) (scammy design) (instant payment but not have forum) (Owner collection your passwords) - Big scam (Gen2 script, make spam in emails) (Low script, forum not work) - Big, Big SCAM - not paying all members (like - gone (forum is not functionally) - gone (scammy design, no forum) - Deleted accounts (same script like (nobody paid by this ptc) (scam gone guaranteed) (same script like - (no forum) - Instant SCAM - Admin is gone (Low script, no forum) (scammy design) (Low script) (scammy design, no have forum) - It`s gone - 280 ads per day, nice SCAM - The best SCAM on the world (No have forum) (Low script, no forum) (Same low script like, no forum) (No forum, derelict site) - It`s gone (Pay me once) (scammy design with forum) (scammy design, no forum)

=C= - Dear owner, your site is gone? Can I add in SCAM List? (No forum, not paying) (Scammy design&forum doesn`t work) (Scammy design, no forum) (Complaint about payment on forum) (No forum) (Design is good, but not have forum yet) ("DingoBux clone = same scammer owner") (Scammy design, free domain) (No forum) ($20.000 bonus for singup, no have forum of course) (stay away) (scam 100%) - It`s gone (scammy design, no forum) (scammy design, not paying, no admin) (No forum) - 10000% SCAM (gen2 script) (last payment was on 05.11.08) (scam) (same owner of who is scammer and have 13 PTCs, all scams) (Paying you? Yes 33%, No 66% Vote 63 unique visitors) - It`s gone ($1 per click) (Receive 2000$ Bonus after Signup, no have forum) (Stay away) (scammy design) (no have forum), (scammy design, not paying) (scammy design, no forum) (no forum) - (Scammy design) (scammy design, no forum) - (This PTC was the best, but know is a big scam) (Low script, be careful pls)

=D= - "down for maintenance" All scam say that (Forum is not visible for all, is just for registered members) - Is gone (Complaints of non-paying) (no forum) - I don`t trust this (Suspect site) (have payment proof, but nor have forum) (0,1 - 0,5$/click, no forum) (Scammy design, payout is 2,5$ but TOS say 10$) (scammy design, no ads, no have forum) (forum not work and not paying) (new ptc, scammy design)

=E= (gone) (suspected to have the same owner as honestbux who is scam site) (scammy design, no forum) (No forum and you sell dreams) (scammy design) (no forum) (no forum, All payment proof can be false) (Scammy design, owner with antecedents which not paying) (Scammy design, no forum) (scammy design, scam 100%) (scammy desing) (scammy design, no forum, no TOS) (extra scam) (nobody pay, last post on forum was in 25.11.08) (In forum no one posted in payment section, but you have a Payment proof where you posted 20 payments: 10 still in 14 ian and 10 still in 9 ian. (gen2 script, no forum) (Low script, no forum)

=F= ( scammy design) - Deleted accounts (Free domain) (Low script, no forum) (scammy design, no have forum) (no forum) (no have forum) (Low script) (Low script) (scammy design) (complaints of forum) It`a gone (no forum, have just payment proof who is not so hard by forge or make you self) (no have forum, no ads) (forum is not functional) (Low script) (no have TOS) (no forum) (No have forum) (no forum)

=G= - Not payment & produce fake payment proof - It`s gone (Scammy design like 5ivebux) - I don`t trust this (scammy design, no forum) (Same script like Dingo, Chill, Earn3...) - Owner used you password for login him in another sites who you are register, like Neobux. Don`t use same pass for all you accounts. (scammy design, new scam) (scammy design)
#GlobalCashClicks (scammy design with payment proof) (no forum, same owner of (scammy design)

=H= (Low script) (Default script, derelict site) (Scammy design, no forum, have just Payment Proof) (No forum, no ADS) - scammy design (Low script, deleted accounts)

=I= - Join, if you want to lost you money (scammy design)
#IncraseBux paying you?" No - 63%. Vote 44 unique visitors (Using Gen2 Script, no forum) - (Not paying, infinite scam) - Interface Like than WePayBux (gone) (same script like max-ptc) (scammy design) (possible scam), - Big SCAM (scammy design) - Payout is $10 but TOS say $2 (free domain, scammy design, no forum) (No forum, not pay, owner is the old scammer)

=J= (scammy design) - In section Payment Proof in forum, you have 23 posts with payments and no one in Support section!!! Querr, because this site exist from min 2-3 months. (not paying)

=K= (Owner is scammer) (no forum) (no have forum) (Suspect) (scammy design) (Owner is scammer) (forum not work) (Low script, gen2 script)


=L= - payout $15, $0,0105/click, no forum, scammy design) (no have forum) (scammy scammy) - It`s gone (Crappy script, scammy design) (scammy design, no forum) (gen2 script, forum not work) (no forum, stay away) (scammy design) (scammy design)

=M= - scammy design (scammy design, no forum) (scammy design, no forum) (no have forum) - Scam 100% (Low script) (never pay on somebody and last post on forum was on 10.10.08) - $50 in one hour (no have forum) (scammy design) (scammy design, no forum)
#Max-Ptc - Payment just for premium members (The forum?) (no forum) (No forum, Same script like DingoBux and ChillBux) - same owner as BUXDOL and MADNESSBUX (I can read your TOS, I not see the forum...this site is not functional) (scammy design, no forum) (Same owner with instantlyptc and instantlybux, nice trying) (I can`t see the forum) (Low script, Free domain, no forum) (No have forum) (used Gen2 PTC Script) (scammy design) (scammy design, no forum) (No forum) (No have TOS) (Low script, no forum) (one payment prof on forum and last post was in 03.11.08) (no have forum)

=N= - Scammy design
#Nationclicks paying you?" Not pay me - 74%. Vote 31 unique visitors (scammy design, no have forum) (Have same scammer owner like Dingobux) - No forum (scammy design, no forum) (scammy design, last post on forum was in september (no payment from 15.10.08) (Low script, not paying, derelict site)

=O= (Not recommend) (Same low script than, no forum, it`s scam, stay away) - Too many complaint. Sorry but this is the true (no have forum, super scam) ($5/click, no have forum) (same scammer owner of (derelict site) (Only registered members are allowed to forum. For others, you forum is some secret?) (This site is not functionally, 2482 by ADS!!!) (the forum exist but is not functionally)

=P= (no forum) (no forum) (Not paying) (no have forum) (scammy design, no forum) (forum not exist yet) - Its gone (Admin is gone) (Where is forum?) - France PTC. I don`t trust this (Paying you? Yes 24%, No 75%Vote 37 unique visitors!) (Paying you? Yes 3%, No 96%Vote 28 unique visitors) (paying between 1-5 dollars per click, no forum) ("you can collect over $4,000,000 in a matter of days". Imposible. There are site who not pay 5$, but 4mil!)$750.00 everyday), - paying you? No - 96% - 150$ per click ("This site is owned by the Admin of croclix ,world-clix , and matrixptc. All notorious scams. His name is Allen") (Scam) (owner make spam on e-mails) (Complaints about payments on forum) - Complaints about payment on forum (last payment was in 16 iul, no forum) (Same owner like DingoBux) (Deleted accounts) - is gone with yours money - no have TOS (No forum) - Scammy design, not paying

=R= (Scammy design, the forum is not work) - Its gone. - Its gone (no comment) (scammy design) (no forum) (Same script like Dingo, Chill, Earn3..., possible same owner) ("The premium clicks are .015 per click & .014$ per reff click,highly unsustainable" ) (It`s for sale. The forum dosen work. Will be gone soon) (scammy (scammy design) (Free hosting, free domain, scammy design, no forum, TOS say 10$ but on scripts is 1$) (owner is scammer) (no have forum)

=S= - Scammy design, no forum, $0,03/click, $0,03/ref for standard (Same owner GGEPAY, PandaBux and GiBux) - The big stake (forum is not functionally) (scammy design) - Its gone for the second time - Scammy design (no have TOS or FAQ)
#SevenBux - It`s a new admin, one scammer. (no forum) (no forum=100% scam) (scammy design) (scammy design, no forum, payment is 1$ but TOS say 3$) ) (scammy design, free domain) (Scammy design) (instant scammy design and no have forum) (Scammy design) Admin is Hacker - 0,001 per click and 4,99$ payout, scam (scammy design) (scammy design) (scammy design, no forum) - no forum (1 dollar for click, no have forum) (super scam) (Scam) - I hate this PTC. 10 $ payout, 0,0001$ per click, and neither not pay (scammy design, no forum, payment proof) (last payment was in 09.11.08) (Derelict site)

=T= (no have forum) - Scammy design (Scammy design) (scammy design) (Low script, same script like - Complaints of non-payment on forum (no forum, possible same owner of Zubux, Jotix) - Officially scam (scammy design, no forum) (no forum) (Scammy design, Payout is $ 3,00 but TOS say $ 1,00) (Not paying. Read forum) (scammy design, no forum, have ads with BUXOUT, totalscambux) (Scammy design, payout is 1$ but TOS say 10$) (Owner is the old scammer) (Default script, forum not work) (Derelict site) (No have forum), (Low script) (forum is not functionally, Owner make false payment) (no payment for standard members (paying between 2-10$ per click) (scammy design, no forum, payment proof)

=U= - scammy design, not paying, read forum (No forum, same low script like (script like (last payment prof was on 02.10.08, accounts deleted) (Big stake, big scam, I open a new sounding about this site) (used Gen2 PTC Script = scammy design) (Payouts $4,227.01, but on forum on single man posted of Payment Prof, be careful) (Tos say min payout $5, but in how many days or month you payment members? Make the TOS visible.)

=V= (Free domain, No forum, possible stake) (where is the forum?) (Warez script, no forum) (scammy design with forum who don`t work) (Complaint of non-payment on forum) (No forum, scammy design, 500 members visits for 1.275 $ ...) (scammy design, 0,10$/click) (gen2 script) (no forum) ($0,01/click and $35payout) - Its gone (scammy design) (The forum doesn work) (no have forum)

=X= - Its gone (scammy design) - No have Admin (Same script than, no forum, Scam)

=Y= (Low script)

=Z= (no have forum) (have ADS like: Buxout, MainBux, Thingbux, IsabelMarco...DERELICT site) (no have forum) - gone (no have forum, last payment was at 26 nov.) (No comment)` - No Ads from many time (but it for sale, but it not) (forum is not functional)

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